Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Of Tentacles and Random Thingyness

Whoo, first blog. Well, first blog here. And the first time I'm not using my usual screen-name. Which feels uber strange but it was about time. I'm feeling more squidy these days than fey.

It's midnight and I should really be asleep. But my brain is kind of on tired overdrive which means I feel like writing and sharing. I don't know why that combination always happens post 10pm but it does.

I'll likely use this for a lot of random stuff, including sketches and new artwork. I'll try not to get too personal as I've become increasingly more "visible" online. Which is mostly a good thing but requires more careful consideration of what I say.

However, I will always be honest and myself here. I don't see much point in a blog otherwise. I mean, they're kind of narcissistic by definition. Might as well not pretend that won't happen sometimes.

This blog won't be affiliated with my job in the sense that I will only be speaking for myself here. I will talk about comics, but only as me. Not for the company I work for.

Okay! This was terribly uninteresting. I promise my other posts will, at the very least, involve more squidly things.

And just so the title isn't completely irrelevant: I don't now why I've suddenly become so enamored of all things tentacled, but I've always loved the idea of monstrously pretty girls. Let's face it, beauty is kind of a terrible thing sometimes. And tentacles have a wonderful, fluid, strangeness that speaks to me both artistically as an element of design and as something almost inherently inhuman. And I don't know about you, but I often feel inherently inhuman myself.

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