Monday, February 28, 2011

True Blood HC

Today I found out that the first book I co-wrote made it to the New York Times Bestselling Graphic Novel's List. 

The picture is the face I made, because seriously, WHUT?

Awhile back I met with Alan Ball and his writing team when we were first auditioning for the license. We talked about the world of True Blood, we talked about the characters, we talked about what we could do in this medium that they couldn't on TV. I guess they liked what we talked about because we got the license and I was tapped to co-write.

We worked up a bunch of story pitches and then I got to sit in a room with Oscar Winning writer Alan Ball AGAIN and have a mini writers room with him and his two head writers, Elizabeth Finch and Kate Barnow. We hashed out the entire plot of the first story arc that David Tischman and I co-wrote called TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW. The amazingly talented David Messina did the artwork, and for the first time, things I wrote were drawn and published and...WHUT?

I mean, honestly, what universe am I in where someone like me gets to talk about storytelling with the creator of SIX FEET UNDER? A crazypants universe, that's what. And you know what's even better? He's a sweet, smart, generous person. He really cares about the characters he's dealing with and the least we could do was approach our comic book story the same way. More than anything, I hope that's what readers take away from it. That we enjoy this world and we enjoy these characters. 

On Saturday I went up to The Grove in L.A. for a signing with Deborah Ann Woll, Rutina Wesley, and Sam Trammell. Jessica, Tara, and Sam. I got to meet them and chat with them and sign copies of the books for them. They were lovely and kind and had a great time with the fans and were incredibly indulgent of dorky me. I had that strange feeling again, that, what universe am I in? thing. 

I'm grateful and kind of stunned and have a very stupid smile on my face right now because it's just banana's. Mostly, though, I really am grateful. I'm grateful to all the fans who have come to signings and been so sweet and friendly. I'm grateful to everyone who has bought and talked about the book. I'm grateful to David and everyone at IDW. And I'm grateful to HBO and Alan who let us play in their sandbox.

But seriously...WHUT?