Saturday, March 10, 2012


I took a walk today

Striding straight and

With purpose in the

Afternoon’s breeze

I marveled at the

Beauty of all things

Concrete in sunlight

(an echo of my New York

days, the forever only

city of my heart)

Dead leaves dancing

Windswept and crackling

Under a smoothly

blameless blue sky

And I thought

I own nothing

But myself

Of all things

this body is Mine


This husk leaves me


With imperfect skin and

A flawed mind


Of all the water carbon cells

I could have been

I am this

Looking out from my body

With my human limits

I can see clearly how

This too solid flesh

With limbs that move

Eyes that watch and

Breath that breathes

could be anything


I am this self

This person place in time

I witness her and

Live to be