Friday, August 3, 2012

Musing on Shapes and Body War

More poems! If you're paying attention you'll see some themes crop up consistently. It's not an accident. I tend to write poetry when I'm in certain frames of mind and dealing with certain...goblins. Although I've gotten better, ED (eating disorder) is always somewhere back there, poking, prodding, and bringing me back to places I'd rather not go.

Something that I haven't posted about awhile are body politics. It's hard lately, for a lot of reasons. So! Poems. Here they are.

Sharp Together

In that wide wild eye light
Filled up to brimming
A hate seed
A pocket sky
A drunken laugh of tea
Sharp together, bright
I can’t and
You can
My will loosens, silks
Fluttering back to strange
Sip, slip, strain
We part
And you say
Thanks for the crawl
And I say
Let’s plum


We weep
To see the shape
Of things to come
Our body war
Our hair of dog
From the middle
I rend a tear
Play the bones
And feast on
Might have been
To be the meat
The teeth of skin
To free the face
And end the tyranny
Of salted slim
And sugar round
We weep
To be
The shape of
Things to come
We weep
To come of shape
War on skin

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