Thursday, September 27, 2012


I love story quotes. It's easier to think of movie/TV quotes because they're more sound byte-y by nature, but I'm pretty fond of any quote from any story medium that says something I can relate to. For me, a truly good quote does a number of things. It's memorable, obviously. It says something relevant/funny/serious/true/sarcastic/important about a given story AND can be further applied to actual, every day, real life. It makes me laugh. It makes me think.

Movie and TV quotes have also become a way that a lot of people my age relate to one another, or relay experiences in a kind of pop culture shorthand. It's how we find others of our tribe and share something amusing/awful/meaningful/silly without necessarily having to reveal the entirety of the situation. If someone is telling me about a family drama and uses a Simpson's quote, for instance, the chances that I'll know what's going on without knowing the exact details are pretty high. It can be a deflection, I guess, but some things are too painful to express any other way.

Something I find interesting is that a really good quote can come from a story that, overall, maybe isn't the "best thing ever". Or it can come from something that is otherwise not very serious, but somehow manages to convey a sentiment insightful about the human condition anyway. Some quotes are totally baffling and inane, but that's what's appealing about them. Some are obvious, some obscure, and some are just genius. See anything by Mark Twain, basically.

What quotes we use can say a lot about us, and not just about our viewing/reading habits. They can indicate what we find important, what we find fun, what touches us and what makes us laugh. How we use them can be just as indicative of who we are as what quotes we choose,they can also date us and what generation/class/background we come from, and even establish our geek "cred" in certain circles. I've had entire conversations that revolved in large part around the use of quotes, sometimes from one source.

It might seem seem that, as a writer, I might rely on someone else's pov to express my own. I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes things just get too weird and the only way I can cope is with the words and wit of others.

So, here's a list of quotes from various sources that speak to me in one way or another. Feel free to guess what they're from and share your own!

"It's not fair!" "You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is."

"And in the end, we all know what we've done..."

"You want every...single...second..."

"Are you crazy, is that your problem?"

"Many who live deserve death, many that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be so easy to deal out death in judgment. Not even the wise can see all ends."

"Life is a series of down endings."

"Call it fate, call it karma, but I believe things happen for a reason."

"That doesn't make sense to me, but then you are very small."

"You're right, I've got a lot of problems. But they belong to me."

"Thank you, Louis, that was brief but pointless."

"Well, deadish."

"I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!"

"Please, Wesley...why can't I stay?"

"No, I prefer to be unsociable and taciturn."

"It's like trying to hit a puppy by trying to throw a live bee at it. Which is a weird analogy and you should just forget it."

"I just wash the bits. When and as they becomes available."

"What did you do, Ray?"

"Do you love my insides, the parts you can't see?" "Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet."