Saturday, October 19, 2013

NYCC, Commissions, Etsy, and Thought Bubble!

NYCC went exceptionally well and I'll write up a full post about my thoughts/feelings about it soonish. But! Thought Bubble, a wonderful show in Leeds, UK is happening in a little over a month and I am taking commissions to help mitigate the cost. I am also opening my Etsy shop with very limited edition original art, print, and jewelry.

My Etsy shop is and will be opening on Monday, October 21st. I will have handpainted, LE watercolor "prints" like these, which will not be painted the same way twice.

Commissions will be taken at:

Price List:

B/W inked 1 character size 3 x5  $30

B/W inked 1 character 8 x 10 $60

I prefer female characters and I'll ask for ref if I'm not familiar with them.

Color 1 character 3x5 $60

Color 1 character 8 x 11 $120

Shipping will need to be calculated based on where you are. I'm in the EU so we'll work it out. Some commission (from NYCC) examples for size reference:

This last one was a literary character where the ref I had was the client in cosplay. It was a larger, 6 x 8 painting.

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