Monday, December 2, 2013

Thought Bubble! And Stuff!

Everything you've heard about Thought Bubble is true: it's a wonderful show run by wonderful people (Lisa Wood drew my latest comics work for Vertigo. She's an amazing artist, sweetheart of a person, who runs TB and has the most fabulous outfits). It's like a little big show that's both intimate and well known. I had a really lovely time.

There's not much more for me to say, I had my little table and I got to meet lots of people (omg KATE BEATON! I talked to her! I told her how splendid her work is! She was super sweet! She also has very shiny hair and I think might be made of magic!), chat with fellow creators, and just overall had a laid back, good con experience. It was a nice way to follow up NYCC, which also went well, but was definitely more overwhelming and I didn't really get to chat with too many people or catch up with anyone. Or have fish n' chips and all the Earl Grey I could drink. Or crumpets.

One of the highlights of the show for me was the Diversity in Comics panel I was on, on the Sunday. My fellow panelists were all smart, articulate, funny, engaged creators with a real passion for creating work for a variety of audiences. And by that I mean they're committed to doing comics that showcase the world in all its variety, with differing character pov's, interesting and sometimes difficult subject matter, and a real love of storytelling. So, yay! I love panels like that, that though they acknowledge the problems and struggles our industry has with diversity, the purpose is really to encourage people to make their own books and tell stories from different perspectives. I had a lot of people come up to me after and tell me they were really inspired to get started on projects they'd been putting off, and that's really the highest compliment anyone can get.

You can see a fully transcribed version of the panel here:

And you should definitely check out the works of Gary Erskine, Howard Hardiman, Barry Nugent, Gillian Hatcher, and Fiona Stephenson.

I am now back to writing secret script-y things and adding things to my etsy ( and will be open for commissions again shortly. It's also getting quite cold in Germany but so far, no snow. We've been here exactly a year now and when we arrived there was already a few inches on the ground. Now that we live in the city center there are a ton of Christmas Markets around and it gets dark pretty early. Looking forward to 2014 and seeing what the new year holds.

I'll leave you with my Empress of the Jellies piece, which I've made some LE prints of. People seem to like her. I think it's the hat.

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